10 ways to sell land


There are tested solutions to enhance land transactions. Even if the demand is low, even if the general perception is that lack of liquidity in the market, a single element can help us realize that land can be sold even in times of crisis: the NEED for land  is there, untouched, even if passive. This should be exploited whether selling or buying land!  So, here is what you have to do:

1 Set the CORRECT destination of your land.
In other words, know your product you want to sell. If you set its right destination (agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and the tourism) you are on the right track to establish exactly who can be the buyer.

There is one way to approach a young family that wants to build a house and another completely different is negotiating with an investor in agriculture. Take into account that sell not just “land”, but agricultural land, residential land, industrial land, commercial land, or land  for tourism.

2. Establish exactly how much you sell.
If you own 10,000 sqm and decided to sell 10,000 sqm, act the right way. If you want to plot, no problem, go ahead. Whatever you do though, do not reconsider “X” times, the area you want to sell. Be determined. The more indecisive you are, so are your potential customers.

3.  Are you sure you want to sell?
Are you emotionally attached to the land? Do you want, in the future, to find an investor to develop a project? No time to sell? Then give up hope that you can sell, for now.There are owners who want to sell today, but change their mind tomorrow. Your firm decision to sell will make you pay attention to any adjustments your offer needs, so that the land is sold and the offer competitive.

4.  Set the right price!
If you set the price of your land according to the existing offers in ads, then you are on the wrong path. It’s a big difference between the required and actual market price. Prices demanded in ads are often unrealistic or incorrect.

If you set the price of your land depending on what you hear in “the neighborhood”, that a piece of land or another was sold, you are still far. Nobody will recognize that he sold at a low price, as business owners want to show what a “good” business they made.

If you do not receive any calls for your offer, then it means that it is not attractive in terms of price. It should be adjusted because the need exists, the offer must be adapted. Try to get between 5 and 10 phones for your offer. If after 10 calls, the land was seen but no one bought it, lower the price.
How do you set the right price? If three different people offered you almost the same amount, then that is the correct price for the land.

5.  Do not make unnecessarily investments
Do not build on your property in order to sell or increase its value. You’ll turn into a home seller instead of a land one. It is a completely different product, requiring a different approach and other customers. If you plan to sell land, then sell only the land.

6. The excuse: “There is no money in the market”
This is the cowardly approach. Customers always have money for a profitable business. Be flexible, learn to negotiate without being stingy and aggressive, trying to make a mutually beneficial deal. Find convenient ways to pay, be open to suggestions, brig in counteroffers. Payment in installments, minimum down payment, exchanges – there are solutions for a successful transaction.

7.  Forget the initial investment!
If your land is not inherited, but purchased in previous years, do not think any moment that you have a chance to recover your investment. Silly ambitions
ruin good businesses!

8.  Know your land and make it known.
Make an attractive offer, informative but not a cliché. Provide sufficient data, but not all: keep your ace, give a reason to call. Avoid purely technical wording, do not keep away from epithets (gorgeous, very, bright, magnificent).Combine information with literature and you will be surprised how many will want to know who and especially what is behind the offer. Be proud of your land, such as a driver of his car in an auto show!

9. Display the price in the ad.
If you choose not to display the price, it looks like you do not have the courage to publish it or you are not proud of your offer or simply hiding something. The fact that you do not want to show the price will disadvantage and eventual negotiation: the client will set the starting price.

10.  Marketing
It is all about marketing and your ability to create and submit a bid in a competitive manner.
Post your offer in 2,3 local newspapers, out of which, 2 specialized in advertising and at least one general. Demand being low, you are more likely to be contacted from the general, especially if your offer is hard to overlook.

Post your offer on 10 sites, starting with Businesses-properties.com.  Even if it is a laborious job, you must have patience and carefully fill in the required fields. Attach at least 2.3 pictures in your online ads. If you do not have five minutes extra to upload some pictures, do not expect others to have enough time to analise your offer. Pictures sell!

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